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If you are leaving the university’s employ, or if you are taking annual leave or another type of scheduled absence, you must make arrangements for handing over work-related files and email messages to colleagues before you go. See our leavers guide (PDF).

Access to work data must always be provided via an appropriate mechanism. You should not under any circumstances give access to your account by disclosing your login details to any other person.

Under St George’s IT conditions of use: core regulations policy, individuals are responsible for the security of their IT account; disclosing your password may be considered a breach of this policy, which could result in disciplinary procedures.

Access to email and files

Access to emails can be provided by sharing your inbox (or an individual folder within your inbox) to specific St George’s colleagues. You may also wish to add a vacation message to your email account re-directing enquiries to a named colleague in your absence.

Files and documents in your H: drive can be copied to a departmental shared drive or to another St George’s member's H: drive, as appropriate. Further advice on copying or transferring files can be obtained by contacting IT/AV Support.

When it has not been possible to make the necessary arrangements in advance, the institutional access to staff and student IT account policy can facilitate access, subject to the relevant authorisation. However, this policy is not intended to provide routine access to St George’s members’ accounts and access will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.


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