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On occasion it may become necessary for St George’s, University of London to access one of our member's email, documents or other stored data for the purposes of business continuity, to investigate suspected misconduct or to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

In such situations, access will be carried out according to the procedures laid out in the university's official policy, institutional access to staff and student IT accounts and IT equipment (PDF), which was approved by the Strategy Planning and Resources Committee (SPARC) on 19 October 2011.

Routine handover of email, documents and other work-related data

This policy is not intended to facilitate 'routine' access to staff or student accounts. Arrangements for providing access to work-related information must be made before a member of staff leaves St George’s and in advance of any scheduled absence. This should be done by the individual in line with the official guidance on handing over such data.

Requesting access to a St George’s user’s IT account

To request access to the IT account of a student or another member of staff, please fill in the account access request form  (PDF).

Please note that all requests must be countersigned by an appropriate member of staff, as specified on the form and as outlined in section 5 of the policy.

For help or advice, please contact IT/AV Support


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