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Use the forms below to request software available through St George’s IT Services.

Note for IBM SPSS: We have moved SPSS into our Software Available page with guidiance on how to obtain SPSS on your devices.

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Conditions of purchase and use

All packages listed are only available to St George’s staff and students for the purposes of St George’s business, ie St George’s-based teaching and learning, St George’s-based research or support of St George’s administrative infrastructure.

See Who can use software licensed for St George’s for detailed information about eligibility for using and obtaining software through the university.

We cannot supply IBM SPSS Statistics or any Microsoft software packages to NHS staff or to staff from any other organisations or higher education institutions.

We cannot install any university software on the personally-owned machines of honorary staff.

Pricing and payment

We can only accept St George’s account codes for payment. 

See software prices to find out how much each software package will cost.

Queries about other types of payment, about supplying software to non-St George’s persons or about the availability of Microsoft products not listed below should be directed to IT/AV Support or the software support team.

Requests for Microsoft Office

The latest versions of both Office Professional and Windows are included in the standard St George’s desktop installation for all university PCs.

Requests for Microsoft Office on university-owned Macs can be submitted using the Microsoft Office for Macintosh request form

Copies of Microsoft Office for personal machines

Microsoft Office is available for installation on up to five personal devices, free of charge, to St George’s staff and students. These free licenses are only valid as long as you are a member of the university – the software will stop working once you leave to St George’s.


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