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What we do

  • Develop and deliver the primary care teaching, learning and assessment within the MBBS Course.

  • Liaise with primary care educators and GP tutors in the community.

  • Oversee the quality of primary care teaching within and outside St George’s.

  • Supervise Academic Foundation doctors and Academic Clinical Fellows training in general practice.

  • Run the intercalated/BSc module in primary care.

  • Take leadership roles in the MBBS programme.

  • Innovate and develop new educational initiatives in the MBBS course.

  • Perform academic scholarship relating to clinical medicine and medical education.

Who we are

Staff in the Primary Care Education team.


Melvyn Jones

(Section head)

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            AdrB_photo Adrian Brown

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Teaching Programmes

At St Georges University we have a reputation for producing well rounded, patient-centred and empathic doctors. This ethos underpins the General Practice Educators. We are dedicated to providing a diverse clinical and educational experience through the MBBS4 and MBBS5/6 degrees.

Early Years exposure to general practice

The first two years of the five-year MBBS5 programme introduce the student to General Practice by looking at chronic disease and its impact on the patient, alongside other clinical experiences from the perspective of a Generalist.  

The first year of the MBBS4, Graduate Entry Programme introduces graduates from a range of backgrounds to a series of patients with conditions built around specific learning weeks of our degree.

The BSc module in primary care introduces students to the breadth of community-based health care in the community, its delivery to diverse populations, the political and policy-based context and the future direction of care.  Clinical content is portrayed through case presentations, multimedia resources and contemporary and historical literature, with integrated reflection throughout the course.  

GPT Year

The T year then focuses the student to General practice with a longer attachment, and this work is then explored in more depth during the final year attachment. Students are able to sit in with working practitioners in surgery, moving through to seeing patients with supervision.

GPF Year

The Final Year General Practice attachment is one of the most popular courses at St George’s because of the one-to-one teaching provided by GP tutors, which gives students the opportunity to see a wide range of health and illness in all age groups in the community.

This evolution through the specialty allows educational progression from a novice learner through to a more experienced clinician. We as a department are closely involved in the delivery of the teaching attachments, to ensure standards of teaching are maintained, with continual improvement using feedback and assessment tools.

If you are a GP interested in teaching we have a diverse group of attachments each with its own commitment and remuneration.


We run the annual Julian Tudor Hart prize which is open to applicants usually around September.  

Primary Care Society at St George's

There is close liaison between the GP primary care education group and the St George’s Student’s Union GP Society.

SAPC Conference Madingley Hall, Cambridge

St George’s in rotation with other SE England Medical Schools (London, Cambridge, UEA) run the  Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC) Regional Conference at Madingley Hall in Cambridge.  SGUL students have regularly presented their work at this conference. 

Primary Care Education Newsletter

Read our latest newsletter to stay informed on our regular activities and events.


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