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Clinical Skills Online (CSO) was a project aimed at providing online videos demonstrating core clinical skills common to a wide range of medical and health-based courses. This project was originally funded by the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine, and since then E-Learning Unit (ELU) has created a number of other videos.

Who is it for?

The videos are freely available to anyone using them for educational, personal and non-commercial purposes only. All content on this website (including text, images, videos, and any other original works), unless otherwise stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons license. (Please read both the disclaimer and the creative commons license for more information).


Please visit our YouTube channel for CSO videos including a new communications skills series.

Sample: thyroid examination

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The videos are only suitable for viewing by adults of at least 18 years of age or 21 years of age, depending on your location. Please note we are registered with the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) content rating system.

The videos have been created at the ‘lowest common denominator’ level for a host of medical and healthcare related disciplines, with a view to sharing these with the wider community. Please also be aware that there may be slight variations in the procedures shown in the videos from institution to institution, depending on policies and equipment used.

We have taken extreme care in preparing the information on this site. However, St George’s, University of London and the Higher Education Academy (HEA) do not and cannot guarantee the accuracy thereof. Please be aware that anyone using the information does so at their own risk. Under no circumstances will St George’s or the HEA be liable for any and all injury or damage arising from such use. You are allowed to copy or download content in any way for your own personal, educational and non-commercial use provided that St George’s, the HEA and its partners, where applicable, are acknowledged appropriately.


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