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We use technology-enhanced learning tools and educational approaches to support and enhance the learning experiences offered to students both at St George’s and in the wider medical education community.

Who we are

We are a diverse group who are committed to exploring the potential of technology to transform education, and to innovation to provide improved learning opportunities. We are technologists, educators, managers and administrators, with diverse academic backgrounds from science, education and technology.

What we do

We provide services and resources to students at St George’s, University of London, as well as delivering training to staff and students on the effective use of our systems and technology-enhanced learning generally. We regularly collaborate with other institutions and organisations on educational development projects, and have received a series of grants over a number of years.

Technology-Enhanced Learning at St George’s involves two key teams. Learning Technology Services provides operational support and training to staff and students regarding the use of technology and support teaching and learning across all courses. The e-Learning Unit develops solutions to support learning and research, particularly related to scenario-based learning and virtual patients. At St George’s we are active collaborators in a range of local and international education-focused projects and networks.


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