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St George’s University of London Teaching Rooms, Lecture Theatres and Board Rooms.

All bookings must adhere to SGUL Timetabling and Room Booking policy.


The student making the booking must be a fully registered student here at St George’s University of London and will be held responsible for ensuring that the teaching room, lecture theatre and/or board room is used in an appropriate manner.  The following terms and conditions must be adhered to.

  • nly the designated representative of each Society may book a room by emailing the SU General Secretary.

  • The designated representative will accept responsibility for the orderly conduct of the function in respect of the room in which the function is being held.

  • The designated representative will comply with the Fire Regulations and the Licensing Laws so far as they apply to the room booked for the function. Information as to the Fire Regulations may be obtained from the relevant Health & Safety department.

  • All bookings will be subject to compliance with the policies of the University in relation to equality and diversity, health and safety etc.

In addition, the designated representative will ensure that: 

  • The room is booked for meetings and events of a lecture or discussion type; other types of events such as music, dance or performance where possible should use other appropriate space such as music practice rooms, or other Student Union venues. For further information regarding the booking of these particular rooms, please contact the General Secretary of the Students Union directly.

  • Students are reminded to be respectful of other users with regards to noise levels.

  • Any issues such as damage or breakage to the room or equipment must be reported immediately to the SU.

  • Practical sessions are not permitted within general teaching room space or meeting room space.  Practical sessions are only permitted in the SDL or clinical spaces.

  • Clinical space can be requested by sending an emailing the Teaching Services team. Subject to availability, Clinical cubicles are available to book Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.

  • No equipment is connected to AV equipment other than via the standard laptop input. Under no circumstances should existing AV equipment be moved or disconnected or the PCs turned off.

  • A teaching room must be vacated by the time specified at the confirmation of booking. 

  • The Society is responsible for ensuring that, it is returned to the standard teaching layout if changes have been made during the booked period.

  • If a special layout is required in the Board Rooms or Meeting Rooms, this must be arranged with the Site Services team after receiving confirmation of a booking. It is the responsibility of the person undertaking the booking to ensure there is adequate time within the booking to organise an appropriate layout and return the room to its original state. Failure to comply may result in charges.

  • At the end of the booked period, rooms must be left clean, tidy and free of rubbish and in a condition suitable for the primary function as teaching a space.  Rooms requiring further cleaning following a Society booking will be charged at a standard rate and the Society concerned will be charged directly.

  • Risk assessments, where necessary, are undertaken.  For further information please contact Colin Sandiford the Safety, Health & Environment Adviser.

  • Rooms must only be used by the society booking the room and cannot be interchanged with other groups without first consulting and receiving written confirmation from the Room Booking Team. Any written confirmation for change of user should come from whoever is responsible for agreeing the bookings, ie the named organiser.

  • The number of people permitted to attend must not exceed the stated capacity of the room. Where the number of attendees for an event exceeds the room capacity after a booking has been made, the booking must be cancelled and a new booking made.

  • Students will be required to sign out keys when rooms are booked for SU societies and when students wish to use rooms we have made available to them for out of hours for study purposes.

  • Weekend bookings:  If the number at the event is expected to be 50 or more then you MUST contact Liz Gilby (x5006), extra security cover may be needed and this may incure a fee to cover this.  The Out of hours and weekend bookings form MUST be completed by the designated representative and sent to,,

Food and Drink

No food or drink, including alcohol, with the exception of bottled water are permitted in any of the lecture theatres and or teaching rooms. 


If any event is cancelled for any reason the room booking should be cancelled in the same manner it was booked, via the WRB link.  

Any serious breach of the guidance for the student or society use of teaching rooms, lecture theatres and/or board rooms may result in the cancellation of all existing bookings by that student and/or society and the withdrawal of the privilege to book rooms for the remainder of the academic year. 

Fee-paying bookings

If any event charges a fee for attendance, then it will be deemed a commercial booking and referred to Commercial Services.

Available rooms

SU Societies can book the following rooms:

Lecture Theatres A, B, C, F, Michael Heron, Monckton, 1st Floor Jenner Wing, 2nd Floor Hunter Wing board rooms and meeting rooms.

Booking hours for these rooms:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 5pm – 10pm

  • Wednesday: 1pm – 10pm

  • Saturday and Sunday 9am – 10pm


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