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1 Flowchart

1.1    See below

2 Purpose

2.1 This document details the processes required to ensure Car Parking requirements are met for those who are issued with car parking permits (SGUL Staff/Contractors).

3 Associated Documents

  • SGUL staff yearly permits (Hunter/Jenner/F Block)
  • Contractor parking (Hunter/F Block)
  • Delivery parking (Hunter/F Block)
  • Access cards (Hunter)
  • Car Parking Terms & Conditions Document

4 Procedure

4.1 Car Parking Permit Allocation

Permits can only be issued upon the instruction of the Facilities Manager or the Director of Estates and Facilities.

4.2 Car Parking SGUL Staff Yearly Permits

Staff approved for a car parking permit must complete a Car Parking Permit Request Form, provided by the Estates & Facilities Department. Upon receipt of a completed form Estates & Facilities administration staff will process the application, check the salary scale with Payroll Department, and approve one of two methods of payment; i) full amount by cheque ii) a salary deduction. A yearly permit is then issued to each permit holder.  This permit is non transferable and does not guarantee a parking space.  Parking spaces in both Hunter, Jenner / F Block car parks are allocated on a first come first served basis.

4.3 Car Parking – WEEE Waste Permits

Allocated only to contractors removing WEEE waste, this permit allows the holder to park temporarily in the Jenner / F block Wing car park. The SHE office will inform the Estates & Facilities Help Desk when a contractor is due and this will be checked for availability. Estates & Facilities will issue a temporary permit only on a daily basis.

4.4 Car Parking – Deliveries Temporary Permits

No permits are currently issued for deliveries. All deliveries for SGUL are to be made to the Goods Inwards entrance, located at the back of Jenner Wing.

4.5 Car Parking – Illness / Sickness

Should a member of staff require a car parking permit for medical reasons, a letter from the staff members doctor should be provided to Estates & Facilities department stating the exact requirements and the duration of need. This will be referred to the Facilities Manager for a decision.  Permits granted on medical grounds will still be subject to payment for the duration the permit is in use.

4.6 Car Parking – Visitor Request

No parking spaces are available for general visitors and permits are not therefore currently issued.  As space is limited parking may available for VIP visitors and examiners only in the main Hunter Wing Car Park but not guaranteed.  Requests should be made in advance by e-mail to the Estates & Facilities Help Desk. 

Current VIP list:  The Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Head of HR and Head of Finance for Kingston University, those sitting on SGUL Committees and Councils, Principals visitors.

4.7 Access Cards

Those issued with an Annual Car Parking Permit are eligible for an access card for the Hunter wing car park. Permit holders are issued one access card per person at no charge. Upon issue, permit holders are required to provide a valid security pass or ID and to read and sign the Terms & Conditions. Access cards must be returned when no longer required or leaving permanent employment at St Georges, University of London.  There is a £10 charge for lost or non returned Access Cards.

4.8 Contractor Parking

There is no allocated parking on site for contractors, exceptional circumstances of contractors needing to work from their vans, ie Generator works will be considered by the Estates & Facilities office upon receipt of an email request.

5 Parking – Halls Of Residence

5.1 Car Parking Permit Allocation

Students are allocated parking bays on a ballot basis (27 in total, including 1 for motorbikes).  The initial rental is 9 months between September – June.  A second ballot will then take place for rentals from July – September.  The ballot is open to students/residents of Horton Halls in the first instance, all SGUL students if there are any spaces remaining and after open to SGUL / Faculty staff. 

Car Parking – Contractors / Visitor Request

There are an additional 2 bays allocated for visitor / unloading / disabled use outside the main entrance.  These are for short term parking, no more than 2 hours.  Request for use for these spaces should be made in advance by email to Horton Halls security on  These bays will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  There are an additional 3 bays for contractors / visitors use on site.  These bays should be used for contractor / visitors staying over 2 hours or as an overflow if many contractors are working on site.

These bays will only be available to visitors and contractors with business at the Halls and can only be used with express permission from the Halls Security or Management Team.  The security team may take the decision for parking up to 2 hours, any contractor or visitor wishing to park for longer must have permission from the Halls Management Team. 

Bookings will be taken in good faith, however anyone found to be abusing the system e.g. requesting regular / block / inappropriate bookings, may be informed that they are no longer able to use facility. 

There is no facility for security to park on site for their shift.

6 Motorcycles

There are no official motorcycle parking areas within the SGUL premises.   Parking can be found on the Trust Perimeter Road to the side of the Maxilofacial Day Unit.

Please see above for motorcycle parking at Horton Halls. 

7 Bicycles

There are 3 main cycle racks on SGUL premises which are available to SGUL and St George’s Hospital staff, they are located:

  1. Hunter Wing Car park (access control)
  2. Jenner Wing (access control)
  3. Hunter Wing side (open access)

Hunter Wing Car Park, to obtain the access, a valid ID card should be presented to security or reception and the relevant reader will be uploaded on to the card. 

Jenner Wing, swipe access is manually uploaded onto a valid ID card of SGUL staff or Trust Staff holding an SGUL ID Card requesting use of the bike shed. 

Hunter Wing Side, this is an open access bike shed and available to all visitors and staff on site who wish to leave their bicycle on site.

Spaces available 

  • Hunter: 33 + 2 minibuses, 2 bays are ERS/SWLP
  • F Block: 10 + 3 outside F Block
  • Disabled: 2   
  • Total: 55


  1. Member of staff has an illness / condition which means that they need to park close to the University.
  2. Member of staff approaches E&F office with parking request, with confirmation of illness and need from a) doctor and b) occupational health.
  3. E&F Refer to the Facilities Manager for decision

VIP Parking Requests

  1. Department emails Estates & Facilities Help desk with request for VIP visitor parking.
  2. Helpdesk to check eligibility of request
  3. Request considered
  4. Confirmation of request and parking emailed to department
  5. Visitor advised by department of parking facility.
  6. Driver to contact Security via intercom system on arrival at Hunter Wing Car Park


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