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Our financial summary gives an overview of our income and expenditure during 2019/20. St George's has seen a decrease in income of £4.7m from last year to £86.7m in 2019/20. This has been largely due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Operating Expenditure has decreased to £90.7m, with a decrease to the pension fund provision of £4.8m giving an operating surplus of £0.8m. An unrealised loss on investments of £1.3m gives an overall deficit of £0.5m.

Annual report and financial statements 2019/20

More detail can be found in our Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019/20 (PDF). Previous years' reports can be found below. 

expenditure 2019 20The chart below shows St George's expenditure per pound of income for 2019/20, with 71p per £1 being spent on teaching, academic and research.

income 2019 20The majority of our income, 45%, came from teaching and education contracts, with 21% from our funding bodies and 13% from research grants.

57% of our costs relate to staff, by far our most important form of expenditure.

what we spent money on 2019 20

Previous annual reviews and financial statements

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