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St George’s is serious about equality, particularly where it makes a big difference to peoples’ lives.

What people are paid should be fair and transparent and we want to ensure that our pay and reward systems do not indirectly impact negatively on any staff member.

We recognise that we do have pay gaps at the university and are working to eradicate this.

Pay reporting

We carry out regular equal pay and gender pay audits.

Equal pay audits focus on equal pay for work of equal value and gender pay audits that show the difference in the average pay between all men and women in our workforce.

We are also now reporting on our ethnicity pay gap. This is not currently a statutory requirement but as part of our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and reflecting our CORE value of “Openness” we have chosen to report on it.

In March 2018, all employers that employed 250 people or more had a statutory obligation to report certain gender pay metrics:

  • the difference between the mean and median hourly rate of pay for male and female employees

  • the difference between the mean and median bonuses paid to male and female employees, and the proportion of females and males receiving a bonus payment

  • the proportions of male and female employees in the four quartile pay bands.

Our mean gender pay gap of 15.5% is in line with the sector.

Our current mean ethnicity pay gap is 15.6%.

We have committed to undertaking a sustained programme of action to address all gaps, focusing first on gender and then ethnicity, taking an intersectional approach where possible. Our pay working group, chaired by our Deputy Principal, is working to recommend actions in order to help towards narrowing these pay gaps.

Download our Pay Gap Report 2021 to read more about our findings and what we are doing to address the gap.

See the gender pay metrics government portal for gender pay reports and metrics.

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