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In your interview invitation email, you will have received a link to your Applicant Portal, where you will be able to book the time and date of your interview. Please expect to be onsite for around 3 hours

Indicative dates of interviews for each course can be found on our interview schedule page

Things to do before the day of your interview.

Watch our video

Please watch our video below to find out more about Multiple Mini Interviews at St George's. Hear from a current student about our process, what we are looking for in applicants and some top tips to consider as you prepare for your interview. 

Arrange your travel to and from St George's

Please find advice on getting to our campus here

Please be aware that our interview days will all be held Monday-Friday, and you may need to travel during commuter hours. Please ensure you check TfLNational Rail, local traffic reports, or any other relevant authorities before you set off. 

In the event of strike action or any other events affecting your booked interview date, we will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

PNG Directions to St George's


Plan your day on site

When you book your interview, you will be able to choose an interview time. Please expect to be onsite for approximately 3 hours during which time you will have your interview, as well as being able to attend a campus tour and a talk from your course team. Please see our guide to your MMI day for further information on timings and planning your day. 

Complete your internal disclosures form

In your invitation to interview, you will have received a link to the online Internal Disclosures Form (IDF). Please ensure you complete this form before you submit your interview for assessment, as we will not be able to communicate a decision to you without this additional information. For more information, see our IDF frequently asked questions

Prepare for your MMI

We understand that you may be nervous, but we want you to be able to be yourself in the interview. We're here to support you to succeed, and we’re not trying to trip you up. We recommend you consider the following to prepare for your interview: 

  • Research the course you are applying for and why you want to study at St George’s
  • Think about why you are suited to this course, and how your experience has already prepared you for this opportunity
  • Consider your future goals and how St George’s can help you achieve them.

We want you to feel relaxed and exited for your interview. For wellbeing resources, you may find Action for Happinessuseful. 

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you need any help with your interview. You can email us on or call +44 (0)203 897 2222.

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