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The George's Academic Training team run a series of research training seminars aimed at St George's staff called ResearchAware.  

The sessions are open to all and are relevant to clinicians and allied health professionals who are: 

  • interested in conducting research and developing their own projects

  • active researchers who want to build, broaden or refresh their knowledge.

Each stand-alone session introduces skills and considerations for healthcare research involvement. They are delivered by experts across St Georges, University of London and the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education. 

For further information about the sessions please see the registration links and information in the table below, or contact Mathew Paul.

The following sessions will be live, face-to-face events in St George's, University of Lonodn lecture theatres. Please follow the registration links in the table for venue details.

The table shows a list of the upcoming ResearchAware seminars, updated May 2022.

A list of the upcoming ResearchAware seminars
Date and time Topic and speaker(s)Link to register
Tuesday 31 May 2022, 1pm to 2pm
Model Based Statistical Inference

Dr Chao Wang, Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care Statistic, Joint Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, SGUL.

The aims of the session are for attendees to:

  • understand what a statistical model is, and how a model, in particular the linear regression model can be used for statistical inference and its connections with various statistical tests
  • see real-world data on Covid-19 in the US used as an example to illustrate a classic two-sample test problem
  • discuss how the use of the modelling approach will simplify learning and interpreting statistical problems, and meanwhile provide a strong basis for more complex issues.
Register here.
Tuesday 7 June 2022,
1pm to 2pm
Significance of Significance

Dr Philip Sedgwick, Reader in Medical Statistics and Medical Education, Institute for Medical and Biomedical Education.

Prof Nidhi Sofat, Professor of Rheumatology & George’s Academic Training Lead.

The aims of the session are for attendees to:

gain an appreciation of statistical significance (P-value) through the application of statistical hypothesis testing, and discuss its merits when applying the results of research to clinical practice

consider the triad of significance, namely “Statistical, Clinical and Patient”

have an opportunity to discuss the concept of significance and its implications for attendees’ in their own specialties.

The following paper will be used as a basis for some of the discussion and you may wish to read this paper before the session: Maini R., et al Lancet. 1999 Dec 4;354(9194):1932-9.

Attendees may find the following commentary (open access) on NHST useful additional reading: Sedgwick PM. et al. Current controversies: Null hypothesis significance testing. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 2022;00:1.

Register here.
14 June 2022, 
1pm to 2pm
Plotting Graphs and Figures in R

Dr Adam Witney, Reader in Bioinformatics, Institute for Infection and Immunity

The aims of the session are for attendees to:

  • get a taster of what R is and what it can do
  • know how to load and manipulate data sets
  • produce clear and fully cutomisable visualisations to explore and report data sets.
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