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Why join the course?

This will be one of the only online courses in the UK which has reducing restrictive practice as the focus. We will be providing a summary of the burgeoning evidence about restrictive practice in mental health; the background, political landscape, clinical factors, guidelines and the available evidence about ways to reduce restrictive practice in psychiatry. 

The national experts in psychiatric intensive care will be responsible for providing much of the teaching content. This is a five week course with 3 hours of learning per week. The course will be assessed by peer feedback and learners will be guided through this process. The learner will need to complete the peer feedback assessment in order to qualify for the final certificate. There will be discussion boards which will enable networking and sharing of knowledge. This will enable the sharing of good practice across the sector.


The course is specifically for healthcare professionals in particular Mental Healthcare Professionals.

Course description

By joining this course learners with an interest in the area will be able to summarise and describe the national and international data about restrictive practice, the growing evidence base about ways to reduce restrictive practice and share knowledge with other practitioners working in the field. By completing the course the learners will be able to:

  • Explain the legal, political and ethical implications of restrictive practice in mental health. 
  • Describe the interface of different sociodemographic and clinical groups who are more likely to be subject to restrictive practice.
  • Synthesise the evidence regarding what works in reducing restrictive practice.
  • Evaluate the impact of interventions designed to reduce restrictive practice.
  • They will be able to perform a peer assessment by giving effective feedback as part of the process.   


Two, five hundred-word assignments, which will be assessed by fellow learners.  To complete the course each learner will need to have completed the assignments and provide peer feedback for four assignments (two of each assignment).


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