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Why join the course?

Effective supervision is fundamental for health practitioner’s well-being and the safety of both practitioners and the public.  Registered health professions’ standards of proficiency state the need for supervision and employers also have legal duties, set out in the health and care act, to ensure provision of supervision and education.  The Principles of Workplace Supervision in Healthcare course is a non-credit bearing professional development short course designed to prompt you to think about supervision as a supervisor and as a supervisee.  The content is relevant for all professions and levels of practice.


This is an introductory course exploring the foundations of supervision and will be relevant across the healthcare workforce for both supervisee and supervisors.

Course desciption

The programme is in two parts:

  1. Self-directed study accessed via an online virtual learning platform.
  2. Two face-to-face workshops to help you to apply the learning in practice and to think about how to embed a positive supervision culture in practice.

It is essential to complete the self-directed study before the first workshop and these materials will available for a minimum of six weeks before the first workshop.  First workshop will provide opportunities to work with experienced educators, supervisors and facilitators to add context to the self-directed study.  In the second workshop, participants will be invited to share how new learning about supervision is influencing their approach to supervision in practice.  Face-to-face workshops are delivered at St George’s University of London Tooting Campus.


Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

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Course benefits

The course has been designed to support practitioners to develop foundation knowledge and skills across ten core dimensions of supervision:

  • Purpose of supervision
  • Supervision models and approaches
  • Models and theories of learning and skills acquisition
  • Critical reflection
  • Feedback and facilitation
  • A focus on the practitioner/learner/supervisee
  • Establishing a conducive learning environment
  • Registrant responsibility
  • Multi-professional considerations
  • Valid, fair and reliable assessment
Course content

Self-directed learning materials are structured to correspond to each of the dimensions of supervision.  There will be a variety of video and written content combined with quizzes and reflective activities to support your learning.

Short course participants are required to complete all online self-directed learning ahead of the face-to-face workshops.  They are required to attend workshops in person at St George’s University of London. 

Course schedule

January 2024:  Online self-directed materials available

19 March 2024: Workshop 1 face-to-face at St George’s University of London

30 April 2024: Workshop 2 face-to-face at St George’s University of London


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