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Complete the following form to being the application process for an appreticeship at St George's, University of London.

  • Select the apprenticeship speciality you are interested in
  • About you
    Please provide the following information about yourself.
  • Title
  • Residency address
  • Have you lived and worked in England for the last 3 consecutive years? (EU nationals will be required to provide pre-settled or settled status. Non-UK nationals are required to be ordinarily resident in the UK and Islands for at least the previous 3-year period on the first day of their apprenticeship and will be required to submit a Residence Permit. In additional all applicants will be required to submit copies of your P60 or Council Tax bills to cover the last previous 3-year period on the first day of the apprenticeship. You will be asked to provide evidence of the second stage of apprenticeship application).
  • Do you have a contract of employment?
  • Has your employer agreed to sponsor your apprenticeship? Your employer will need to be paying into the apprentice levy; or non-levy employers will need to pay 5% of the programme fees of £27,000 and the government will pay the 95% balance). Please make sure, if required by your employer to first complete any internal application before applying for the apprenticeship.
  • As an apprentice you are expected to complete 20% of the normal working hours, over the planned duration of the apprenticeship practical period on off-the-job training. This means that the minimum requirement for apprentices working 30 hours or more per week is an average of 6 hours of off-the-job training per week over the planned duration. Is your employer supportive of this?
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