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"Obtaining a scholarship has made this world class experience more affordable."

A picture of Sedji Basoah-Acolatse.

Sedji Basoah-Acolatse is a recipient of a St George's Physician Associate Studies scholarship.

I had heard that there is no better place to train to be a PA (Physician Associate) than at St George’s, but initially I was nervous. I was worried that COVID 19 would mean minimal lecturer contact time, isolated learning and limited bonding with other course mates. As a social person, I have been pleasantly surprised.
The course so far has been the right blend of virtual learning, clinical teaching and pro-active tutor support. As expected the course is intense, fast paced and intellectually rigorous: I have had just enough time to catch my breath! But, staff have been supportive, empathetic and inclusive. I feel every effort is being made to ensure nobody is left behind. Despite social distancing, I have made new friends; and together, we are mastering new content and new skills.
Obtaining a scholarship has made this world class experience more affordable. My decision to study here was the right one and I am looking forward to discovering what the rest of the course entails.

Sedji Basoah-Acolatse, recipient of a St George's Physician Associate Studies scholarship


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