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Information on the number of animals used for scientific procedures under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 are reported annually to the UK Home Office. They form part of the national statistics which the Home Office publishes each year.

St George’s has additionally published the species and number of each species used at the university on our website since 2013, and will continue to disclose the five most recent reporting years’ data in the future. From 2019 onwards, we will aim to provide a more detailed degree of information in our reports. This is occasionally the basis of freedom of information (FOI) requests, to which the university publishes responses online.

Annual statistics

Animals used for procedures under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, by year.

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Mice: 4,608
Rats: 551
Rabbits: 96
Guinea pigs: 9
Pigs: 6
Total: 5,270


Mice: 5,087
Rats: 501
Rabbits: 92
Pigs: 3
Fish: 217
Total: 5,900


Mice: 4,735
Rats: 414
Rabbits: 84
Fish: 1,980
Total: 7,213


Mice: 2,982
Rats: 82
Fish: 3,034
Total: 6,098


Mice: 2,356
Rats: 48
Fish: 328
Total: 2,732

These additional statistics are outside the remit of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (ASPA) reported animals.

Animals bred for scientific purposes other than for ASPA-specified procedures

Mice: 178
Rats: 410
Fish: 35
Total: 623

Tissue sampling for purpose of genotyping

Mice: 408
Fish: 64
Total: 472


For 2017, the Home Office required additional data collection which relates to the EU Directive 2010/63, commencing in 2017 and to be followed every 5th year.

Mice: 1,651

Rats: 5

Fish: 1441


Total: 3,097


Mice: 1,472

Fish: 1,548


Total: 3,020


Mice: 1,512

Rats: 252

Fish: 814


Total: 2,578


Our BRF was closed for refurbishment during 2021, and some projects were transferred to other Establishments.  The number of animals used over the year by those projects will be published by their host institutions.  The following are the numbers used at SGUL only:

Mice: 1,065

Rats: 14


Total: 1,079

The great majority were subject to only sub-threshold or mild procedures.

Our BRF remains closed. There were no animals used for scientific procedures under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 at St George's, University of London premises.
Our BRF remained closed during 2023. There were no animals used for scientific procedures under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 at St George's, University of London premises.


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