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Dr David Gillott

Senior Lecturer in Reproductive Physiology

Dr Gillott joined St George's in 2013 he is currently the academic lead for Problem Based Learning (PBL), academic lead for the Life Cycle module MBBS5 year 2 and for MBBS4 year 1 Foundation and Life Cycle modules in addition to Physiology 1 module lead for Biomedical Science year 1.  Dr Gillott research interests relate to cancer and infertility.  He is currently co-head of the Physiology section for the Institute of Biomedical and Medical Education. 

Dr David Gillott obtained his PhD in reproductive physiology and cancer at St Bartholomew’s medical school in 1998 before taking up a post-doctoral position at the University of Minnesota, USA.  He then returned to Bart’s to pursue research into infertility. 

Dr Gillott is currently working to establish a clinical service for the preservation of fertility in young women diagnosed with cancer at St George’s.  This involves cryopreservation and storage of ovarian tissue followed by autologous transplantation once the patient has recovered; thereby allowing restoration of her reproductive cycles and fertility. 

Dr Gillott is a senior lecturer in Reproductive Physiology mainly focussing on reproduction but also includes some cardiovascular physiology ,and so he regards all his teaching activity as a matter of the heart. 

Dr Gillott is seeking to establish a cryobiology centre for ovarian tissue preservation at St George’s in collaboration with Prof. Claus Andersen of University Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark and Mr Kamal Ojha, consultant gynaecological surgeon St George’s NHS trust. 

Dr Gillott responsible for leading the science and cryopreserving ovarian tissue removed from patients prior to chemotherapy.  Once the patient has recovered from her cancer she may receive  her cryopreserved ovarian tissue as a transplant. The transplanted tissue is never exposed to the damaging chemotherapy agents and so once it implants the patient regains her reproductive cycles and is able to conceive naturally or following IVF.  This procedure has resulted in the restoration of reproductive cycles in 99% of women treated in Denmark and there have been over 150 live births world-wide as a result. 

Tissue will be obtained in theatre at St George’s and cryopreserved in the medical school before storage at an external commercial cryobank.  Third party agreements between these partners and St George’s NHS trust have been signed by all parties. 

The laboratory is currently being commissioned and the final stages of licencing carried out.  These activities will increase the profile of St George’s and attract international collaborations for treatment and research. 

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PMID: 1725288.   Impact factor: 10.165 

Collaborations within St George's: 

Mr Kamal Ojha, Obs & Gynae., SGHT 

External collaborations

Prof. Claus Andersen, University Hospital of Copenhagen, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Mr Gedis Grudzinskas, 92 Harley St, London   

Dr Gillott is a member of the Institute of Medical and Biomedical Education is co-head of the Physiology section.  He is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

Dr Gillott enjoys teaching all years of  BSc and MSci Biomedical Science, MBBS4, MBBS5, along with  Physicians Associate and Healthcare science degrees.  His principal teaching roles include Academic Lead for Problem Based Learning (PBL), Co-lead for the Foundations of Clinical Medicine module for MBBS4 year 1, Module lead for MBBS4 year 1 Life Cycle, MBBS5 year 2 life Cycle and Biomedical Science BSc year 1 Physiology module. 

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