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Student documents life in education with a stutter

Published: 04 April 2022

Josh Newton

First year Paramedic Science student, Josh Newton, has been working on a short documentary about life in education with a stutter. Josh, who has the condition, shares his personal experience in the education system so far as well as his reflections on the impact he hopes the documentary will have. 

Josh begins, “The premise of the documentary is hardships in education. Entitled ‘Studying with a Stammer’, it explores what it was like, for me, going through earlier education such as sixth form with a stammer.  

“I thought it would be a good project to help raise awareness of people who stammer/stutter. I especially wanted to highlight the experiences that people with the condition go through during education as most people aren’t aware of the challenges.

“Having a stutter, I talk to certain people for a few minutes a day and these people only see that small glimpse of speech, which is a small segment of a daily struggle. At times my stutter has affected my mental health without people realising it. There have been times where I have been ‘trapped in my own head’ due to an inability to say anything physically or the fear of stuttering when I speak. 

“I hope that the documentary raises awareness of these challenges as well as the resources and support that is available to those with the condition - it doesn’t have to be a lonely experience.” 

Josh enrolled at St George’s in September 2021 and has found the university experience to be a positive one despite initial nerves. 

Josh continues, “I don’t think that my stutter has influenced my time at St George’s massively. I tend to get on with my day-to-day and try not to make a big deal of it most of the time. There can be good days and bad days but I take them in my stride 

“I was very anxious about starting university, not just at St George’s but university generally. New environments, new friends, new tutors, and new lecturers - it was all very daunting and it was the one of the main things on my mind before I started. If anything, my stutter has made me stand out more, to be more confident and accepting of my stammer. 

“Personally, my stutter has never stopped me from doing anything I’ve wanted to do. I’m now studying to be a Paramedic which, looking back, I would have thought would be impossible. So far, I’ve found life as a St George’s student very enjoyable. I’ve met lots of amazing people, friends, peers and lectures - I’ve had a great experience. When meeting new people, most have been understanding of my stutter and, if I am not understood at first, it is easily cleared up once I explain why. Overall, the people at St George’s have been amazing and welcoming, it is a great University!” 

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