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St George's students to launch Study Hub

Published: 22 July 2020

Penultimate year medic, Savannah Holness, has created an online resource, Study Hub, to aid St George’s students in their studies. Study Hub will be available to all students across our institution in August. Savannah explains a bit more about the resource, how it came about, and how she, and the Study Hub team, plan to develop it in the future.

Savannah begins, “Study Hub is an online platform created to support the needs of healthcare students all in one place - from educational support to advice about managing finances. It aims to act as a central point for healthcare students to pool their skills, resources and knowledge to develop a mutually beneficial community of tutors and students. If you love teaching or learning, or if you’d simply like to find out a bit more about the platform, please get in touch!

“Study Hub offers students Free Open Access Medical information that anyone can access at any time in any place. Specifically, we offer:

  • Engaging sessions to guide clinical year medical students through their studies. These sessions will be recorded and available in our archive if you are unable to attend at the time or would like to re-watch later on in the year!
  • Live countdown to exam, ‘crash course’ type sessions. These include practice questions in a similar format to those seen in exams, but with the additional benefit of having the answers discussed and explained.
  • A platform to share resources. Gone are the days where you need to know someone who knows someone to get access to awesome revision notes. We want students to share their work with us (and have full recognition for it) to share with all our members.
  • A centralised way to gain support by bringing together some of the other educational platforms that have already established themselves such as RAMS and MediLearn (to name a few).
  • Small group ‘supervisions’ through our study groups. For a long, long time non-Oxbridge students have longed for a way to access this style of learning: an opportunity to meet with more senior students, or recently qualified professionals, to help students understand how best to approach a topic.”

 Eternally grateful to members

“Study Hub started off as an idea to help what I thought would be about 10 people. We had our first event on 27 March and over 100 students attended. Study Hub quickly transformed into a revision platform with the main aim of assisting St George’s students with studying from home in these challenging times of Covid-19. We did this by delivering engaging webinars that are highly interactive, with plenty of Single Best Answer questions and revision tips!

“The idea to develop the platform further came from the hundreds of feedback forms that we have received. We are eternally grateful to our members, there is no formal idea behind Study Hub, the real idea is you. By telling us what you wanted and how you wanted it, our incredible team have been able to create a platform to address those needs. Each and every one of the people you see in the image above have been instrumental in developing the Study Hub platform that you will have access to come the end of August!

“We hope to use Study Hub to revolutionise the way healthcare students access learning material, but we also want to recognise that healthcare students are human too. We want to provide a sense of community through a platform created by students for students.”

Hectic but rewarding

“Creating Study Hub has been hectic, but also incredibly rewarding. We are devoted and passionate about transforming the way medical and healthcare students study, and are supported. It has been an incredible journey, the best part has been seeing just how talented St George’s students are. We currently have a team of 17 students and have opened applications to expand it, with interest from just over 40 students across the University!

“Long term we see this being something all healthcare courses have access to across the UK. We hope to collaborate with the many fantastic groups that currently exist as well as help develop other groups that have ideas which have not yet come to fruition.”

You can find out more about Study Hub on Facebook.


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