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Published: 13 November 2023

St George’s and the Students' Union (SU) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), marking an important milestone in the relationship between the two organisations.

About the MoU

Last year, the SU Trustee Board and the University Council worked together to develop a more collaborative working relationship and look at how to strengthen the governance of the SU. This project set in motion the work to create the MoU.

One key purpose of the MoU was to clarify roles and responsibilities of the SU and the University and the services provided by each organisation, to facilitate a strong, mutually beneficial working relationship.

SU Chief Executive Officer, Tim Sice, explains:

"Having greater clarity in the way the SU and St George’s work together, and communicate with one another, will help both organisations to be more agile, flexible and innovative in supporting the student body.”

- Tim Sice, SU Chief Executive Officer -

Dr Jane Cronin-Davis, our Dean for Student Welfare and Support, will oversee overall management of the relationship between the SU and the University. She says:

“Having more clearly defined roles and responsibilities will help both the SU and St George’s to operate in a way that best benefits our students. This agreement will help us work together to respond to our students’ needs and address the issues that our diverse student body most cares about.”

- Dr Jane Cronin-Davis, Dean for Student Welfare and Support -

Working towards shared goals

The document sets out expectations of both organisations across the following areas, to help them work towards shared goals:

  • Representation
  • Strategy Development
  • Community and Belonging
  • Advice and Welfare
  • Data Protection and Sharing
  • Communications and Press
  • Human Resources
  • Estates and Facilities
  • Finance.

The agreement also highlights opportunities for closer collaboration between both organisations to address student interests and priorities.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Jenny Higham, says of the agreement: 

“I would like to thank everyone across both organisations who has helped bring this important piece of work to fruition. The SU plays a key role in so many areas of life at St George’s and we are so happy for the huge value our partnership brings.”

- Professor Jenny Higham, Vice-Chancellor -

An important milestone in our relationship

Speaking about what the MoU means for his role, SU President of Education, Eshan Sabesan, shares:

“As the new President for Education, I feel proud to be a part of such an important milestone in the relationship between the SU and St George’s, and look forward to working together to prepare our students for a bright and promising future.”

- Eshan Sabesan, SU President of Education -

SU President for Welfare, Erin McNamara, adds:

“St George’s has been a huge part of my life over the last few years, and I’m looking forward to being a part of the next stages of its growth. Close collaboration with staff at St George’s is key to supporting our students’ welfare and understanding their interests and priorities. I am looking forward to seeing how our strengthened relationship can support students to thrive at St George’s and beyond.”

- Erin McNamara, SU President of Welfare -

Find out more about the Memorandum of Understanding and what it means for staff and students.

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