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Dear students,  

I wanted to provide you with an update on clinical placements for St George's programmes.  

Given the continuing effects of the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK, the suspension of clinical placements continues.  

In making this decision, ensuring your safety - alongside that of patients - has been our overriding concern.  

We have been mindful, too, of the effects of the outbreak on the healthcare system, the pressure which it is exerting on clinicians and a corresponding lack of capacity to offer teaching. This is alongside practical concerns that placements are currently simply not available in clinical settings.  

Looking ahead, we will aim to provide students with two weeks' notice if the situation changes sufficiently that placements again become possible.  

Please note that this guidance is for St George's students only. We are aware that the position differs for Kingston University students on Midwifery and Nursing courses in our Joint Faculty. Guidance on clinical placements will continue to be given by their programme teams and is being reviewed frequently, following updates from the HCPC and professional colleges and societies.  

  We recognise that for students on some courses, the continuing unavailability of clinical placements has implications for the duration of your final year registration, which will need to be extended. Those individual course teams will be in touch with further details, if this is the case.  

Best wishes,  

Professor Jenny Higham   


St George's, University of London


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