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Dear Colleagues, 

The Government recently announced changes in their guidance regarding face coverings and masks, which came into effect on 15 June. The University has considered the implications for our community and published further guidance and FAQs on this to support staff and students. 

The guidance will be kept under review and updated as necessary.  

The requirements for wearing face coverings and masks can vary depending on where you are. Evidence suggests that wearing a face covering does not protect you. However, if you are infected but have not yet developed symptoms, it may provide some protection for others you come into close contact with.  

Public transport  

The use of face coverings on all public transport is now compulsory.  


All visitors are required to wear face coverings whilst on a hospital site.  All hospital staff are now required to wear surgical masks.  

If you use a hospital entrance to access the University, therefore walk through the hospital, you will be seen as a visitor and will be required to wear a face covering.  

University students and staff entering clinical facilities for work/placement purposes will be required to use surgical masks.  

St George’s, University of London areas – Hunter and Jenner Wings  

The University has put in place measures to reasonably manage the risk in workplaces in the Hunter and Jenner Wings. However, as you will know, members of the public and NHS staff may enter some areas of the University site, as well as University staff and students. Updated Government guidance suggests that you should wear a face covering in enclosed public spaces where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you wear face coverings in communal areas in Hunter and Jenner.  

Once inside your workplace, be that a laboratory or office, where the area meets Covid-secure guidelines, you are not required to wear a face covering (see FAQs here).  

You must observe social distancing requirements even when wearing face coverings.  

After travelling, especially on public transport, it is essential that you wash your hands thoroughly before starting work.  

Further information can be found here in the social distancing guidance.  

Additional guidance  

Instructions on how to make your own face coverings can be found on the Government website here

Information on types of face covering and where they must be worn can be found here.  


Best wishes,      

Deborah Baines, Chair of Safety Management Committee  

Anne Harris, Safety Health and Environmental Manager 


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