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Dear all,
Following recent announcements about international travel restrictions, the message below has been sent to students this afternoon. If any of the restrictions will impact on your work for St George's, please contact your line manager or HR.

Dear students, 

We appreciate the stress that you are all under, particularly given the rapidly changing situation regarding travel restrictions and flight bans. We cannot give you answers to all your uncertainties, but for those of you with family overseas, this may help you make a decision today about your response to the international flight bans. 

Some of you may prefer to return home, if home is abroad. We appreciate the reasons why you may prefer that and understand your choice if that is your decision. We will support you on your return. Please notify Student Services if you do decide to return home.

However, if international students do choose to return home overseas now, there will be uncertainty about when you will be able to return to the UK, or what quarantine restrictions may exist on your return. The current situation is predicted to last some months. Potentially, students may therefore miss some of their course and assessments, and this may mean you need to defer studies for a year. We of course appreciate the pressures you are feeling, and will do our best to support you out of the country, and when you return. 

We are working hard to flex our courses and assessments to accommodate the changing situation and will continue to keep you updated as arrangements are made.


Best wishes, 

Professor Jenny Higham  


St George’s, University of London   


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