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Learning Development and StudyPlus: information for staff


Our team of learning development lecturers work with both students and teaching staff to support students' learning within their program, helping them identify their development needs and the best ways to address them. We believe the adjustment to new levels of study and the development of personalised learning skills are crucial to the success of all students in higher education

Apart from providing consultancy and support to teaching staff on developing students’ learning, we also manage the student-facing part of CIDE, known as StudyPlus or the Academic Success Centre. From 2024 onwards, we are using ‘StudyPlus’ to refer to all our student-facing activities to provide greater clarity for students.

Our services

Staff consultancy

We provide academic staff development and curriculum development advice for new and existing courses, with a particular focus on how to design in/integrate support for academic study and writing within a programme. We are always happy to discuss queries related to inclusive teaching, assessment and feedback literacy, or developing students’ learning, via email or in person with individual staff or programme teams.

StudyPlus appointments (the Academic Success Centre)

We offer one-to-one appointments with students, in person or online, throughout the year. These cover a range of topics, most commonly effective study and revision, academic writing and working with feedback. All students can book up to three appointments per year (with at least two weeks between appointments), although for students in particular need this may be increased at our discretion.

StudyPlus Canvas Resources

We also run the Study+ Canvas module, with self-access study resources on a range of topics. The most popular of these include learning effectively from lectures, academic writing and referencing. Students on all courses are enrolled automatically when they log onto Canvas, and content is generic to be applicable to all. If you have feedback on this content or ideas for new things we should include please contact us.

Programme teaching

We offer sessions supporting students with the transition to new levels of study, and preparing for written assessments, across most undergraduate and many postgraduate programmes. These sessions are co-designed and co-delivered with programme teams, and are tailored to the specific requirements of your cohort and curriculum. Get in touch if you would like to discuss introducing new or additional sessions within your programme.

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