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Students are often required to confirm their status in order to access services or receive discounts. The Student Life Centre can produce or adapt a range of documents to provide the evidence you need for most activities. Standard letters can often be produced while you wait if you visit the centre in person.

Keep in mind

  • You need to bring your SGUL ID card in order to collect a letter.

  • Students can nominate someone else to collect letters on their behalf, but you’ll need to do this via email or in writing before it can be collected.

  • We can only accept letter requests from St George’s email addresses.

  • Transcript requests are handled by your programme administration with the exception of MBBS and BSc Biomedical Science transcripts which are currently handled by

Request a form or letter

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  • Forms
    If you have a form that needs completed, you can upload an electronic version here. Please complete your sections of the form before uploading and make sure to include your name in the document title.
  • Delivery
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Letters and forms descriptions
‘To Whom It May Concern’

A brief letter confirming that you’re a student.

Council tax exemption

Letter confirming that you’re a student, your address and dates of attendance (for more information of council tax exemption, see below).

Bank confirmation

A letter for your bank providing confirmation of enrolment and address.

Elective references

A letter confirming that you’re a student in good standing and a brief outline of clinical experience—intended for final year medical students applying for clinical electives.

We can also arrange to have non-standard letters written, but these can take up to 48 hours to arrange for you.


We are able to provide confirmation that you’re a student on a variety forms, ranging from Young Person’s Railcards to re-certification documents for students or recent alumni planning to move overseas. Even if we’re not able to complete it for you, we’ll be able to refer you on to the most appropriate member of staff.



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