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There is a Staff and Student Occupational Health Service (located on the perimeter road next to the Sports Centre). The service is available 8.30am-2.30pm Monday to Friday by appointment, or 2.30pm-5pm for emergencies only.

Occupational health deal with health issues you may encounter while studying or undertaking clinical work: needle stick injuries, for example. If you have a medical problem that might affect your studies, then occupational health may be able to help by making sure you get the best treatment and by notifying registry and writing letters explaining your situation. 

They also undertake risk assessments and suggest adaptations that might be made to your study or the environment here if you're pregnant, for example, or have other particular requirements.

Staff from the service also give students occupational health checks on registration. They will also arrange for you to have any immunisations you need—hepatitis B or tuberculosis, for example—in your first year, and provide you with certificates confirming that you’ve been vaccinated.

Remember to keep these certificates safe, as many hospitals may ask for proof of immunity before you’re allowed to undertake clinical study there in later years, and you may be charged for a replacement.

Please note that if you need vaccinations before traveling abroad you will have to have these done at your GP—occupational health doesn’t provide this service.

Contact the Occupational Health Service on 020 8725 1661.


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