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Here at St George’s, we’re very proud of our diversity and have students and staff from a huge range of backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and who have diverse sexualities.

Students join us at all kinds of stages in their lives, and you may or may not already be out to family and friends back home. Coming out is a process, not a one-off event, and it continues throughout your life. Even people who have been out with friends and family for years will still have to decide whether or not to be open about their sexuality with flatmates, coursemates, other friends, teaching and support staff.

In our experience, people at St George’s may be very professionally focused, but generally are very accepting and laid back on a more personal level. Telling your flatmates or people on your course can be daunting, but you’ll meet many, many people who will appreciate you for who you are. There is, of course, no requirement for you to discuss your sexuality with anyone, but you should never feel the need to deny or hide who you are.

Key staff here at St George’s, including members of our Student Centre team, are proud members of our LGBT+ network and are always there for help or advice as you settle in to life here. 

We absolutely do not tolerate any form of homophobic bullying or harassment—if you encounter this you should report it to a member of staff or the Student Union right away.


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