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Join St George's shared Big Read Book Club!

We're excited to announce our Big Read title for 2024: Everything is Everything by Clive Myrie! 

We will run a series of seminars comprising the Big Read Book Club towards the end of the summer which involves staff and alumni speaking to students, other staff, and members of the wider community about a particular theme from the book.

The club will run from August to September, with the specific dates and times to be confirmed. We will vary the time to reach all our incoming students, wherever they live. The events usually last an hour and in the past they have been great fun for both speakers and attendees alike, allowing new students to connect with staff, hear a sample of our excellent teaching, and feel welcomed to their university. 

We warmly welcome any SGUL staff to join us and give a speech relative to the book to the students in our book club. Please contact us at for information on the specific topics that are planned.From your point of view, if you are planning an application for an Advance HE Fellowship involvement offers good evidence of cross-organizational involvement, and particularly the development of colleagues. 

Please contact for more details if this would be of interest to you.

What is the Big Read?

The Big Read aims to create a sense of belonging among students and staff alike through shared reading - one book that gathers together St George's community to share ideas about thought-provoking topics or experiences of getting lost in spellbinding narratives.

In particular, the Big Read aims to help incoming students feel welcome and settle into the university environment.  

All new students to St George's will receive the same book - the Big Read book chosen for each academic year, when they enrol. A limited number of copies will also be made available for returning students and staff on a first come, first served basis.

A programme of events around the themes of the book will help you to meet new people, get to know your teachers and peers beyond the classroom and make the most of your university experience.

About the Big Read 2024 

everything is everything

Moving, engaging, revealing, Everything is Everything is a fascinating insight into someone determined to succeed on his own terms and has been selected as annual Big Read title by St George’s, University of London.

In Everything is Everything: A Memoir of Love, Hate & Hope, Clive Myrie tells how, as a Bolton teenager with a paper round, he read all the newspapers he delivered from cover to cover and dreamed of becoming a journalist. In this deeply personal memoir, he tells how his family history has influenced his view of the world, introducing us to his Windrush generation parents, a great-grandfather who helped build the Panama Canal, and a great-uncle who fought in the First World War, later to become a prominent police detective in Jamaica.

Get your copy, join the events, share ideas on thought-provoking topics!

As a new student at St George’s, you will receive your free copy of Everything is everything when you enrol, it should be in your student accommodation or you can get it when you collect your student ID card. 

Staff and returning students can also receive a free copy to join in the reading and participate in events, so all can discover St George’s community anew. If you are a member of St George’s staff or a returning student, you can get your copy from the Library helpdesk in October(specific date to be confirmed)– there is a limited number, so be quick in getting yours!

Come together as a community through shared reading and associated events throughout the year to:

  • meet fellow students and staff
  • engage with the author and ask your questions
  • attend events about themes that matter to you.

All are invited to join the Big Read Microsoft Teams site to connect with fellow students and staff, learn about events, and share your experiences! 

Please email if you want to participate in the planning for the coming Big Read events.


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 We will add details of upcoming events here soon.

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