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If you’re interested in finding out about research life, looking under the bonnet into cutting-edge research at St George’s or hearing stories about how scientific papers come into being, sign up for the Research Insights mailing list. You will hear about sessions that are scheduled throughout the year and receive reminders. Most Research Insights will be at lunchtime or in the early evening and will usually be open for both in-person and online attendance.   

St George’s students and staff can join the Research Insights online Teams site here to attend online sessions and see upcoming events.  

Research Insights sessions are one hour long and come in two flavours, each featuring people who may be at various stages of their career journey.   The sessions are split into two 20-minute parts, each followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

The first is a “talk and discussion” format, with a talk about research and research life 

The second is a “story of a paper” format, in which you will hear from the author of a paper all about how that paper came into being, including all the socio-politics. 

The programme of events will bring you: 

  • interactive talks for students and staff by individual researchers or teams about their research to improve human health
  • interview sections asking speakers about their research lives, motivations, career path, defining moments, etc 
  • behind the scenes stories from researchers about all that is involved in publishing a scientific paper, including eye-opening socio-politics 
  • opportunities for questions and discussion 
  • real-world context for learning
  • ideas for possible futures.

For any questions, email us at 

Upcoming events

We will add details of upcoming Reserach Insights events here as soon as they are available.


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