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Staff and students at St George’s sharing perspectives on teaching, learning and life in Higher Education.

The Education Ideas Hub provides an opportunity for staff and students to come together to discuss topics integral to life in higher education. Each event will be led by a staff-student partnership and will focus on one of the many aspects within the student life cycle. Topics can range from curriculum and teaching, to careers and employability, to mental health and wellbeing.

An illustration of a brain and a lightbulb.The Education Ideas Hub seeks to showcase the work being carried out by Student-Staff partnership grant teams. The grant awards funding to small teams made up of staff and students to carry out a project that aims to enhance the student experience. You will hear about the various projects that have taken place, their outcomes and the legacy that they hope to leave.

These sessions will:

  • provide a networking opportunity for staff and students over some light refreshments

  • showcase work that is being carried out by staff and student collaborations to enhance the student experience

  • highlight areas that are essential for students and staff to discuss and generate further ideas for collaboration

  • bring together all aspects of Student Life

  • encourage students and staff to engage in the St George’s community and foster a life-long relationship with the university.

Previous Education Ideas Hub events have included showcasing how staff and students have successfully published in partnership and interactive sessions about whether leadership development should be part of a transformative curriculum. The sessions delivered around leadership transformed into a Student-Staff partnership grant and the group will be presenting their project at an Education Ideas Hub event in January 2020.

Dates for events in 2019/20

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Wednesday 27 November: Domestic Silence: Giving a voice to improve practice to stop familial violence and Black History Month exhibition

Time: 12.30-2pm
Location: Alistair Hunter Room

Margot Turner has taken part in the Student Staff Partnership grant a couple of times and is going to share her insight on her projects that she ran in collaboration with students. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Margot’s projects emphasises the role that St George’s can play to empower people to influence and improve societies and communities. This session will discuss the Black History Month exhibition and work being done to address honour-based violence, family rituals and forced marriages.  

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Wednesday 19 February: Careers video profiles: insights for current students from medical and healthcare professionals

Time: 12.30-2pm
Location: H4.2 and 5

Emma Metters, MBBS Careers tutor and Arabella Watkins, medicine student, set out to enhance the careers resources to produce video profiles of doctors and healthcare professional in different specialities at different stages of their career. Come and find out how they got on and how these resources will be invaluable to the student body. 

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Wednesday 29 January: Leadership in Undergraduate Teaching

Time: 12.30-2pm

Location: Lecture Theatre B

Dr Judith Ibison and medicine student Corey Briffa in collaboration with other students and staff across the university, led an interdisciplinary project to review leadership teaching for St George’s undergraduate students. Come and hear what they found out, what legacy their project will leave and share your insights on leadership in higher education. 

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