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Open Spaces: Movement workshop - Connecting to self

Date: Wednesday 01 December 2021

Time: 17:30 - 19:00

This workshop is part of our Open Spaces programme.

Workshop facilitator: Anusha Subramanyam from

These sessions are informed by experiential anatomy, imagery connecting to dance and movement improvisation practices. Each session will begin with a brief introduction to the day's theme.

The workshop will encourage participants to find and explore their own possibilities of movement.  Through building awareness of sensations within the body, exploring improvised movement, breath,  and some experimentation with the use of voice. Elements of Indian dance, yoga will also be incorporated. Accompanied by an ecliptic range of music that connects us deeply to ourselves and have fun moving together.

This Workshop is suitable for all abilities, we welcome all. Come and discover your inner power, the power of movement. 

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