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Open spaces: Gamelan, Music and Wellbeing Workshop

Date: Wednesday 25 May 2022

Time: 17:30 - 19:00

Music for well-being and interconnectedness.

Gamelan instruments from Indonesia are a particularly useful tool for exploring the effect of music-making on well-being, allowing space to negotiate relationships with others and perceptions of the self.

In this workshop John Pawson will share an approach to group music-making developed in secure institutions (UK prisons, YOIs and secure hospitals), whilst working for the charity “Good Vibrations”. Rather than treating music as an art to be taught, this approach focuses on individual participants discovering their own musicality, their ability to express themselves through music and ultimately to feel connected to other people.

Working with a set of gamelan instruments from Central Java, Indonesia, this will be a practical music workshop with reflections and observations along the way. Participants will need to sit on the floor (though stools or chairs can be provided if needed). All welcome.

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