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Into the Archives: Alongside Matron Bell

Date: Monday 12 October 2020

Time: 17:00 - 19:00

A photo from the archives.

The first part of the workshop will begin with a presentation outlining the research in the archives that led to the development of the projects ‘Matron Bell’ and ‘Alongside Matron Bell’. The latter looks at the contribution of nurses and health workers who came to the UK from Commonwealth countries, following the Second World War, to help build the NHS.

The second part of the workshop will involve participants in developing their own work stimulated by an aspect or image of their choice from the St George’s archives. A selection of images and materials from the St George’s archives will be sent on booking so that attendees have time to explore the materials before the session and choose an object. 

Have a phone or camera to hand – but please note no experience of photography is necessary, just a willingness to participate and try something.  

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