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A programme specification is a concise description of the intended learning outcomes for the programme and the means by which these outcomes will be achieved. It is primarily a mechanism for enabling students to understand what a programme will enable them to achieve when they graduate and the way in which these achievements are facilitated by the learning, teaching and assessment strategies and methods on offer.

Programme specifications are also intended to help potential students in making a decision about what and where to study. As such, they set out some of the key features of our each of our programmes.

A programme specification is not intended to be the primary source of information for students, potential students, employers or other external stakeholders. The programme specification is supplemented by more detailed information available for a variety of audiences and in a range of formats including the St George's, University of London website, published prospectuses, handbooks, programme guides and course outlines, many of which are available online.

Programme specifications are also an important component of our internal quality assurance procedures. They are approved by expert panels, updated each year and regularly reviewed.

Previous specifications and changes to courses

The programme specifications above relate to courses running in 2019/20. Specifications from previous years are available on request.

Courses do change over time. A change may have been introduced to a course that has not yet been included in the specification. Also, a planned change may not come into effect for some time. If a change has been or will be introduced, applicants will be made aware of this during the application process.

Programme specifications for 2021/22

We have been working hard to find ways to teach our courses without disruption, while keeping our staff and students safe and making sure we follow government guidance on Covid-19. We won’t be making any significant changes to the content of our programmes, but there will be some changes to the way they are delivered. Further details of how this may affect courses during 2021/22 are provided on individual course pages.



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