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JRES review of all research projects  

JRES is reviewing all research grants with Principal Investigators and research funders in light of the Covid situation. As of the end of April, we have reviewed the majority of research projects and all of those who employ university staff.  

There are many complexities, with differing approaches from research funders and many different types of research projects which are affected to varying degrees by the Covid situation. This requires a project by project approach, and it is difficult to give generic advice. 

If funders approach you as Principal Investigators directly, we ask you to contact your Research Funding Officer in JRES at and provide a copy of the correspondence. 

Research Funders – common themes 

  • There is an appreciation of the difficulties of the situation and a constructive approach to resolving issues to enable research projects to complete.  

  • Most funders are allowing no cost extensions.  

  • Many funders will consider costed extensions, but these generally need to be approved on a case by case basis.  

  • We are encouraged to minimise costs where we can, for instance ensuring we get refunds for travel.  

Funder specific updates 

  • NIHR response to COVID-19 – updated 27/04/2020 

  • British Heart Foundation – published 19/03/2020, updated 01/05/2020  

  • European Commission – published 18/03/2020, updated 22/04/2020, updated 11/05/2020  

  • The Royal Society: Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information for applicants and award holders of Royal Society funding (published 24/03/2020, updated 17/04/2020): If you hold a Royal Society fellowship or grant, to minimise the impact of the global health situation on our award holders, the Society will provide as pragmatic support as possible, recognising the impact of the coronavirus on research is significant and evolving. The Society is working with award holders and their organisations as well as the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to ensure that fair and appropriate support is in place. We will be aiming to minimise the impact of the coronavirus on funded activities as far as possible. 

Should you have any project specific queries please contact your research funding officer on


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