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At St George’s we are constantly working towards improving outcomes for our patients and improving the health and well-being of the people who use our services and their families, friends and carers. Central to this is our commitment to research.

If you are interested in seeing what clinical projects we have open or have previously conducted, we have developed a simple tool to help you.


Research performance

Each quarter, we publish information on two key indicators: our efficiency in getting clinical trials up and running at St George’s, and our effectiveness at recruiting patients to clinical trials.

Key indicators

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Initiating clinical research

This report shows how quickly we get clinical trials up and running. The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) – which is the research arm of the NHS – expects this to happen within 70 days from request to open a trial until the recruitment of the first patient.  It is not possible to reach 100% on this measure, as some trials, eg rare diseases, only apply to a few patients every year. However, we are committed to a steady improvement on each report.

Delivering clinical research 

This report shows if we recruit the number of patients to a specific trial that we have agreed to.

Relationships between St George’s researchers and commercial bodies such as pharmaceutical companies are important. Clinical research trials are a way that our patients have access to new drugs and treatments – without any cost to the NHS. Getting a drug approved in the Clinical Guideline produced by NICE can take time after the completion of any research on that drug – so these trials often offer treatment much earlier than it would be available on the NHS.

The report changed from 1st April 2016, only looking at trials that closed to recruitment in the last 12 months (as opposed to trials that were closed but still had patient follow-up visits).

Real-time performance

In addition to our regular reporting, the JRES tracks St George’s clinical research performance in real time. We have created a set of reports from our EDGE data to highlight how we are doing. These can be accessed from the Trust intranet.

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