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Welcome to the St George's University of London Library Accessibility and Neurodiversity Guide. Neurodiversity can include autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, Meares-Irlen Syndrome and many other cognitive differences. It can be a fluid definition and a person can have multiple different neurodiversities at once. It is important to acknowledge that there are ongoing discoveries about both accessibility and neurodiversity, and we at the library are still learning ourselves. 

As a result, we may not at present attend to every need exactly. However, we are continually working on improving both the physical library space, and online resources, such as this guide. Our accessibility focus groups in July 2023 were a first step in this process, and we want to continue working with students and library users to learn more and improve what we can about our service. 

We understand that access needs and particularly neurodiversities are not always something users wish to disclose, or, in many cases, go undiagnosed, or ‘invisible.’ For this reason, we are taking an equity-based approach to addressing accessibility and neurodiversity in our library and hope to make improvements that will be helpful for all users.  



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