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In addition to your personal home directory (H: drive) on the network, it is possible to apply for additional departmental or group shared network drives. To apply for a shared network drive you will need to complete the shared network drive request form.

How do shared drives work?

The purpose of these drives is to be able to share files and work collaboratively with other users on St George’s network by storing your documents on a central server area you can all access. This drive will automatically appear at log on for any users you specify under another drive letter in Windows Explorer.

Additionally, you may request that certain users can only read from this drive, ie are not able to edit or create documents, if they only require access to the information stored there.

Departmental shared drives are backed up every night in the same way as your home directory, and so deleted or corrupted files can be restored in a similar fashion.

Need help?

For further advice on departmental or group shared drives please email IT/AV Support.


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