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Corporate Information Services (CIS) is responsible for the delivery, development, maintenance and interfacing of all of St George’s corporate services.

CIS also maintains relationships with the software providers, contracts, and maintenance budgets.

The team manages corporate software implementations using PRINCE2 methodology and with their wealth of project experience.

For more information, please contact the Head of CIS, Andrew Judycki.

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The team
Andrew Judycki, Head of CIS

Andrew joined St George’s in 1999 to manage the Research Assessment Exercise 2001 with the then Dean of Research and Development. Following that, he was asked to bring the institution into line with the Data Protection Act of 1998. He went on to complete St George’s notification (registration) with the Information Commissioner’s Office and train all staff, a role he held until 2010. He also trained as St George’s lead following the introduction of the Freedom of Information Act 2001.

In 2003, he was asked to lead the implementation of St George’s PSE HR system. Following his PRINCE2 qualification and registration, he led that project to a timely completion in 2004.

In the years since, Andrew has project managed the implementation of Scientia timetabling service, G4S access control service, FRIS Phase 2 (including ARCP), Symplectic (CRIS), Planet FM, and MHR iTrent (MyWorkPlace).

He is now Head of CIS.

Diane Tye, Senior Business Applications Developer (SITS)

Diane’s role is development and maintenance of the SITS student record system in support of St George’s business processes. Specifically, she is responsible for:

  • supporting the technical infrastructure

  • ensuring SITS is up to date with the latest version in line with business strategy

  • ensuring hotfixes and security patches are applied in a timely manner to ensure adherence to legal and statutory data requirements

  • providing technical support to SITS-related project developments

  • development and configuration of SITS-related integrations and interfaces.

Natalie Zablotska, Business Applications Developer (SITS)

Natalie's role is to assist the Senior Business Applications Developer (SITS).

  • supporting the Senior Business Applications (SITS) in the development and maintenance of the SITS service and its interfaces.
Mark Nalewaj, Senior Business Applications Developer (FRIS)

Mark primarily carries out development and implementation work for software including, but not limited to, Unit4's Agresso Business World and Agresso Research Costing and Pricing. Mark also carries out system administration as well as provision of technical support for the financials, logistics, project, planner and education and research modules.

Ken McKelvey, Database Administrator

Ken has been with St George’s for eight years and is an expert database administrator. He maintains the integrity, security and performance of the corporate databases and leads their integration and interfacing.

Saravana Prakash Satyanarayana, Senior Business Applications Developer
Saravana Prakash Satyanarayana has been with St George’s for five years and is a senior applications developer within the Corporate Information Services department. Saravana’s IT career spans close to 20 years, during which he has worked on numerous sensitive and demanding projects for organisations such as IBM, ESA and the MOD.

At George’s, Saravana is responsible for designing, developing, testing and architecting business solutions. Saravana also supports many of the university’s core IT systems including PlanetFM, Scientia, MHR iTrent, Blackboard Connect5 and OCCAM.

As a TOGAF professional and a PRINCE2 certified practitioner, he also provides architectural vision and owns the solutions delivery of numerous applications for both the St George’s corporate and its teaching faculty.

David Woodbridge, Project Manager

David joined CIS in 2017 to support the HR and payroll system replacement project, which successfully implemented MHR iTrent in 2018. He now manages other CIS projects. Previously, from 2012-2014, David was based in computing services as the student IT support officer.


CIS implemented, develop and maintain the following services:

  • Agresso Business World (Finance and Research Information Service – FRIS, including Agresso Research Costing and Pricing – ARCP and Science Warehouse)

  • WPM web payments and Student Shop

  • Tribal SITS student information service (implemented prior to CIS)

  • Tribal CRM
  • Tribal Student Information Desk (SID) for personal tutors

  • Midland HR iTrent (HR/Payroll service)

  • Scientia (timetabling and room booking service, including web data collection)

  • G4S (access control service)

  • Planet FM (facilities management service, including handheld portable devices and PlantFM Portal)

  • OCCAM (student room booking service).

As well as these services, CIS works with many other smaller software packages.

Current projects
  • HR and Payroll system replacement (Phase 2) - Completed

  • Personal Tutor System (Phase 2) - Completed

  • upgrade of Scientia timetabling services - Completed

  • Canvas virtual learning environment - Completed

  • HR data integration with SITS - Ongoing

  • SITS infrastructure upgrade - Completed

  • Infrastructure upgrade across various systems - Completed

  • In-place - Completed

  • Wozzad - decision made not to implement currently

  • Customer Relationship Management - Completed

  • General assistance for Data Futures - Ongoing

  • Wifi Infrastructure - Ongoing

  • J1.9 Refurbishment - Ongoing

Frequently asked questions
Q. Who should I contact for help with any of the listed services?

A. Although CIS develop and maintain the listed services, and manage their integration and interfaces, for end-user support please contact the relevant service areas (that is, HR, payroll, registry etc.).

Q. Where are you based?

A. CIS is located in room 51 on the ground floor of Jenner Wing.

Q. How can I initiate a project?

A. Please contact the Head of CIS with an outline business case for the project you wish to initiate. New projects will be prioritised based on alignment with institutional strategy and available resources.

Q. Who should I contact with a Freedom of Information (FOI) request relating to CIS services and/or projects?

A. If the information you require is not already available on this website, please send FOI requests to the Governance Manager.



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