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Governance structure

St George’s current, senior committee structure was introduced in August 2018 following a review during 2017-18:

Meeting dates

Meeting dates for Council and Senate, and the committees that report to them, are set annually by Governance, Legal and Assurance Services.

Details of university meetings can also be found in the St George’s Events and Committees calendar on Outlook.

Minutes of previous committee meetings

Approved minutes from the following committees, including historic minutes, can be found in the respective pages.

If you require minutes from any years not listed please contact Goverance Legal and Assurance Services.

Committee servicing and operating procedures

The committee servicing and operating procedures provide guidance and a house standard for the practice of servicing and operating St George’s committees. They also provide a procedure for the establishment of new committees, board and groups.

It is intended that the procedures outlined in the committee servicing and operating procedures are to be adopted by the boards and committees, as identified on the senior committee structure (annex A).

Further guidance

For advice or further guidance on any matters relating to governance, committee management and servicing, and meeting dates please contact Sian Marshall.

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