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The procedures detailed below apply to all staff categories employed by the university, as well as casual workers and personal service workers for whom St George’s is obliged to operate PAYE income tax and National Insurance contribution deductions.

See Human Resources for full details of the terms and conditions.

It is usual, though not guaranteed, for the various pay rates to be increased each year to cover the cost of inflation. Pay rates for university staff are negotiated nationally, with an annual settlement date of 1 August. The university also employs some clinical staff for whom pay rates mirror the NHS pay rates.

For current pay rates, see 'Salary scales' below.

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Payroll deadlines
Salary scales

For more information on NHS Terms and Conditions of Service (Agenda for Change), go to NHS Employers.

MyWorkplace and payslip guidance

MYWorkplace is the employee self-service system used at St George’s, University of London for individuals to view their payslips, enter absence and update personal changes. This guidance (Word) will show you how to view, print and save payslips.

Should any new user requests/amendments for the system be required, the new user/amendment form (Excel) will need to be completed. See: HR/Payroll system security guidance. This excludes the standard user setup, but includes new manager access.

Payment cycle

Find out how to work out your pay and pay dates if you are a new member of staff, if you are leaving us, or if you are employed on a casual basis. Go to The Payment Cycle.

National Insurance

Find out the main exceptions and calculate how much National Insurance you have to pay. Go to National Insurance Contributions.

Income tax

Find out what happens if PAYE is not collected and how to make sure you pay the correct rate of income tax. Go to Income Tax.

Employment status

Find out how the correct schedule of charge is calculated through the HMRC check employment status for tax (CEST) tool. Go to Employment Status – Who Decides?

Public and patient involvement and engagement in reserach:- payment guidance - 

Season ticket loans

If you would like to apply for an annual season ticket loan, please complete the application form (PDF) and return to payroll. Once the season ticket has been purchased, please complete the receipt form (PDF) and forward to the payroll department. Please read the annual season ticket loan conditions (PDF) and examples (PDF) to ensure you submit the application form in good time.

Gift Aid

If you would like to make a tax-free donation to a charity of your choice, this can be arranged through St George’s Payroll department. For one-off donations, please complete the Gift Aid form (Word). If you would like to make a regular contribution from your salary, please set up a Give As You Earn online form

Overpayment of salary

The Payroll and Pensions Office cannot normally make a deduction (other than statutory deductions) from your salary unless you have previously given us written consent or your contract of employment allows it.

An exception to this is where there has been an overpayment of salary. The Employment Rights Act 1996 allows for an employer to recover overpayments of salary through a deduction of an employee's wages even if this is without prior agreement.

In the event of an overpayment coming to the attention of the Payroll Office, we will send you a letter informing you of the overpayment. This letter will also outline the repayment arrangements, which may include a repayment plan. If we don’t receive a response to this letter, we will send you a follow-up letter. If we don’t receive a response to the second letter, we reserve the right to collect the amount due in future consecutive pay periods until the amount due is fully repaid.

Jury service

See St George’s special leave policy for details.

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Cara Wright, Payroll, Pensions and Financial Transactions Manager, tel. 0208 725 5021 (ext. 55021) or email cawright

Marion Beazer, Payroll and Pensions Administrator, tel. 0208 725 5029 (ext. 55029) or email mbeazer

Current Vacancy, Payroll and Pensions Assistant, tel. 0208 725 0549 (ext. 50549) or email

General email: Payroll


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