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Site Services, based in Jenner Wing, carry out a variety of portering jobs as well as managing all St George's post and deliveries.

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What we do

The team is responsible for:

  • delivery co-ordination

  • goods inwards/outwards

  • post room

  • internal stores

  • boardroom and meeting room set up

  • examination set-up

  • WEEE waste

  • confidential waste removal

  • furniture removal

  • project moves

  • workshop/'handyman' maintenance.

Post room
Standard post

All standard post is sent via second class Royal Mail.

2nd Class signed for

The delivery aim for this service is 2-3 working days.

1.00pm next day signed for

The delivery aim for this service is before 1.00pm the following day

International signed for

The delivery aim for this service varies depending on where it is sent.

  • Europe – around 3-5 working days.
  • Rest of the world – around 5-7 working days.

(Please note these are aims, not guarantees. The only guaranteed service Royal Mail have is Special Delivery and this is only available for UK items.)

Please bring all “signed for items” to the post room before 4.00pm each day.

All other post will be collected from 3.00pm onwards using the post points provided.

You are welcome to use your own stamps or prepaid envelopes.

Staff are reminded that personal items should be routed to their home or alternative address at all times. Should personal items be delivered to the university, it is the responsibility of the owner to inform site services of the delivery and then collect from site services. When personal items are delivered without notification these are held securely in the site services area to await collection.

Internal stores products in Site Services

Site Services hold a number of products for both Office and Lab uses which are available to be purchased via the AGRESSO system.

Below you can find a complete list of our stock.

Product codeItem descriptionUnit of issueCurrent price


Ethanol 99.7-100%

2.5L Bottle



IDA 99% Industrial

25L Bottle



Confidential Shredding (Paper)




Empty bags for shredding (Supplied with bag ties)

Empty bag



Confidential Shredding (Non-paper)




Dry ice

10KG bag



Internal envelope A4




Internal envelope A5




SGUL compliment slip




Autoclave tape




Hand wash

500ml Bottle



Large orange clinical waste bags (General lab waste)

Roll of 25



Small orange clinical waste bags (General lab waste)

Roll of 25



Yellow black stripe bag (non-hazardous clinical waste)

Roll of 25



Sharpsafe 24L purple lid (Cytotoxic)




Black refuse bags (General waste)

Roll of 50



Sharpsafe 7L purple lid





Bag ties (For clinical waste)

Pack of 100



Sharpsafe 7L yellow lid

(General lab waste)




Sharpsafe 24L yellow lid

(General lab waste)





Yellow bags (Incineration only)

Roll of 25



Sharpsafe 11.5L red lid

(Human tissue only)




Sharpsafe 30L red lid

(Human tissue only)




Yellow purple stripe bag (Cytotoxic)

Roll of 25



Compressed Oxygen cylinder (Size W)




Compressed Oxygen cylinder returns (Size W)




Compressed Air cylinder

(Size N)




Compressed Air cylinder returns (Size N)




Carbon Dioxide vapour (Size VK)




Carbon Dioxide vapour returns (Size VK)




95% Oxygen 5% Carbon Dioxide (Size J)




95% Oxygen 5% Carbon Dioxide returns (Size J)




Oxygen free Nitrogen (Size W)




Oxygen free Nitrogen returns (Size W)




Helium grade A (Size XL)




Helium grade A returns (Size XL)



Cylinder deliveries

When ordering a cylinder if you would simply like to replace one that is empty you will have to use two separate lines on your AGRESSO order form.

The first will contain the product code of the cylinder you would like to order and the second will contain the code for the same cylinder except under the product description it will include returns.

For example:

  • line 1: Use EB01 for ordering a new compressed Oxygen cylinder
  • line 2: Use EB02 to have the empty one taken away.

Alternatively, if you would like to add a new cylinder to your area without requesting a return, an additional rental fee would be applied to your current monthly cylinder rental charge.

Please enter the sub-project code for the rental of a new cylinder into the product text box when ordering a new cylinder. In returning a cylinder that is no longer needed, complete the order form using the return cylinder code only. This will be deducted from your rental holding at the end of the month.

Dry ice

Our dry ice is sold in 10kg bags which are delivered every Friday.

We would be grateful if orders for multiple bags could be placed in advance so we can maintain our stock levels.

If a small amount of dry ice is required we can supply this free of charge providing we have part bags remaining.

Confidential waste

When bags are ready for collection please ensure bags are tightly sealed with the tags provided and are kept in a secure location to avoid potential data theft and trip/fire hazards.

Please ensure you separate paper and non-paper confidential waste into separate bags.
IDA orders

When an order for IDA has been placed one of our team will label a bottle for you and is then kept in the solvent store.

We will contact you when it is ready for your use.

Boardroom configurations

Our board and meeting rooms are located on the second floor of Hunter Wing. Three smaller rooms (H2.2, H2.3, H2.4) can accommodate up to 12 dependent on setup style. H2.3 and H2.4 can be booked as single rooms, but can also be booked together to form one large room which can accommodate up to 20 people in a boardroom style.

Our larger rooms, which are numbered H2.5, H2.6, H2.7 and H2.8, can house up to 35 people in a boardroom style and can also be booked as single rooms or together and be merged into larger rooms, depending on your requirements.

Rooms can be booked via the portal services page or by emailing the room bookings team.

Boardroom layouts

Tables and chairs laid out in boardroom style.  Boardroom style: We combine separate tables to form this boardroom style. This can be made up to support around 35 people and is great for any type of meeting.

Chairs laid out in theatre style. Theatre style: For theatre style we setup rows of chairs with walkways to divide the room. This setup can accommodate 40 chairs as shown with the option of adding additional chairs of a different style if required. This setup is ideal for presentations. 

Tables and chairs laid out in cabaret style. Cabaret style: For cabaret style we use individual tables around the room which are then surrounded by chairs. This style can support up to 40 people with the option of adding additional chairs if required. This setup is great for functions and events or presentations. 

Tables and chairs laid out in horseshoe style. Horseshoe style: For horseshoe style we use boardroom tables in a horseshoe shape, surrounded by chairs and can comfortably accommodate 25 people. This setup is ideal for board meetings.

Site Services frequently asked questions
Handyman service

Our handyman can be requested to tackle a wide range of jobs which include non-chargeable jobs such as furniture repairs, replacing keys for cabinets and mending curtains and blinds, etc.

Jobs such as new furniture installations, notice boards or televisions are chargeable. When you are placing the job with the helpdesk, please provide them with your sub-project code at the time of booking.


We set up exams using both the Rob Lowe sports centre and the board rooms.

The sports centre can accommodate a maximum of 220 students at any one time and the board rooms can support up to 100 students dependent on the amount of rooms you decide to use.

These are arranged through the exam team in the student centre.

Electrical/WEEE waste

Electrical waste, once decontaminated and certified by health and safety will be picked up by a member of our team.

We aim to have the waste disposed of within 1-2 weeks of us receiving the job.

WEEE waste should be left in a safe location and we will contact you before we collect the item if we need access to a particular area.

Recycling services

We currently offer a recycling service for Starlab and Anachem plastics. If you have any of these items, please bring them to us in Site Services and we will store them until they are collected for recycling.

Source Bioscience collections

If you have any DNA/Sequencing that require a courier we offer an overnight service for your items.

Collections from Source are every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 3.00pm.

Parcel queries

If you have a question about a parcel you are expecting you can contact us directly on extension 5255.

Should a parcel potentially be missing or misplaced we will investigate. You may be asked to contact the supplier for a proof of delivery to help us with this.

Portering jobs

We offer portering services for things such as small office and furniture or lab equipment moves, printing paper and hand towel deliveries please contact the helpdesk on 1234 option 2 to book the job.

Smaller requests aim to be done within 24 hours. Larger requests will be attended within 2-3 days dependent on workload.


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