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For your assistance, the Facilities department provides a manned reception, located on the ground floor, Hunter Wing.  The reception desk is open Monday to Friday between 6.00am – 10.00pm.

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Arrangements for persons visiting St George's

The procedure outlined below applies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  1. When a building occupant arranges for a visitor to attend site, they are requested to complete an online appointment form.

  2. Forms should be completed by 4pm the day before the meeting. If it is a last-minute arrangement, the arranger should contact reception on ext. 5556 or ext. 6499 with details of the visitor(s) (as per form) and who they are visiting, along with at least two contact numbers for reception to call.

  3. All visitors are requested to sign in and out at reception and wear a visitor’s badge visibly while on site. These will be issued by reception staff.

  4. On arrival of the visitor/guest at the reception. The receptionist will contact the given numbers and notify the relevant person(s). Please note, it is the responsibility of the individual who has arranged the meeting, or the host, to ensure that staff are available on the contact numbers and to collect visitors from the reception or the specified meeting area.

  5. Visitors can be collected from reception by the arrangers or nominated contact. Reception staff and security will not be able to escort people but may give directions to a meeting point on the ground floor of Hunter or Jenner wings if requested to by the arranger. Please note that these meeting points will be outside of the security doors of the building, so each visitor must be escorted into the building and all the time they are on St George's site.

  6. When the visitor leaves the university, they (or their host) should return their pass and its holder to the reception desk. The visitor must be escorted out of the secure area. The reception staff will note the return time in the book.

Taxi bookings
If you have a St George's account code

Please visit/call/email the St George's reception located in the ground floor foyer in Hunter Wing (opposite Peabody's).

You will need to give some information to the front-of-house/reception staff, including your name, department, extension number and destination.

If you are paying by cash

Please call Elite Cars on 0208 944 8011.

Cycle parking

Secure and covered bicycle parking is available at both the rear of Jenner Wing and at the end of the Hunter Wing car park at no charge to the users.

Please ask at the main Hunter Wing reception regarding access to these stores. You will need to provide a valid St George's, University of London ID card to gain access.

Disabled access

St George’s has strived to make our buildings as accessible as possible. For more information and guidance, please contact Estates and Facilities.


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