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Maintenance is made up of reactive and planned maintenance.

Reactive is ongoing, day-to-day work in response to jobs logged for all manner of issues on the estate such as:
problems with lighting, faulty plumbing, heating or cooling issues, electrical items not working correctly and many other jobs that have unplanned breakdowns or performance issues.

Planned maintenance are jobs that have regular scheduled work programmed to keep the various services running as required to make sure that the estate is in good running order, such as annual checks of the lift motors or the air-handling-units.

If you do have any issues with the building fabric (doors, windows, floors, walls or ceiling) or the electrical supply to your area, or the air heating or cooling, or the plumbing, then please call the Helpdesk on ext. 1234 and select option 2. Or you can email Estates with a detailed description of the issue, including the location, your name and photographs if you have any.

You can read more information regarding the Estates responsibilities on our about us page.


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