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The provision of housing provided by the Athlete’s Village after the London 2012 Olympic Games offers a unique opportunity to investigate whether and how the ‘built environment’ affects physical activity patterns, and other health behaviours including body builds and well-being, in adults and children who may or may not be moving into the area.

We recruited people who either applied to live in East Village (formerly known as the Athletes’ Village), expressed an interest to live in East Village (regardless of whether or not they moved), or people who lived in an area that we were interested in studying.

The participants in the study are enabling us to provide advice and guidance on how the environment in which we live affects our health, and to help us understand how to build housing in the future. We would be unable to complete this vital research without the help of those who are participating in this important research.

Ethical Approval

This study has been reviewed and approved by the Central London Research Ethics Committee and is being funded by the Medical Research Centre (National Prevention Research Initiative).


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