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The CRUNCH study is about finding out how we can improve the health of children through diet, and particularly whether increasing cereal fibre intake can be of benefit.  There is a lot of evidence to suggest that eating more fibre in breakfast cereals may protect against developing diabetes in the future but we do not know for certain.  Breakfast is an important meal in the day and is a great time to eat more cereal fibre by a change in breakfast cereal. The CRUNCH study is aiming to test which healthy breakfast cereals children like to eat and to see whether they are happy to eat these each day over a month period.  We are then examining the effects on various health markers including simple markers of blood sugar control.


This research will be an important step in understanding whether cereal fibre can help to reduce diabetes risk in the longer term and possibly improve other aspects of health.  This is particularly important because diabetes (particularly `type 2' diabetes) has become increasingly common and we need to find effective ways to prevent it. 

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