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The Institute of Infection and Immunity (II&I) provides a wide range of PhD programmes for both basic scientists and clinically-qualified graduates.

Themes include the development of novel approaches in containing and the treatment of infections worldwide. We are working together towards efficient, targeted control policies across developed countries but also in the developing word.

Researchers at the institute have excellent local, regional and international links, enabling our students to complete global health projects in many different locations around the world. The university also shares its campus with one of the largest NHS teaching hospitals and many world-leading clinicians teach on our courses.

Funding sources include NIHR, Wellcome Trust and EU health financing bodies. We are part of the MRC London Intercollegiate Doctoral Training Partnership Studentships (MRC LID) – a partnership between St George’s and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. The training programme revolves around the forefront of innovative research and methodological development:

  • global infectious disease

  • quantitative skills for large data sets

  • evaluation of complex interventions.

More information can be found on the MRC LID website

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Current projects

Many research projects involve working and travelling abroad – from Geneva WHO headquarters to developing countries in South Asia, Africa or Latin America.

Selected current projects supervised within II&I include:

  • proteomic profiling of the lung epithelium to identify targets and treatments for the prevention of diabetes associated lung infection

  • novel drugs against superbugs – preclinical optimisations

  • investigation of diabetes mellitus-induced changes to the respiratory microbiota and its use as a predictor of susceptibility to infection.


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