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Dr Irina Chis Ster uses a wide range of statistical methodologies applied to clinical and epidemiological data aiming at understanding the impact of harmful or protective exposures on the occurrence of diseases – this leads to the development of effective interventional strategies and targeted measures to prevent, control or eradicate the disease in the population.


Her scientific interests span a variety of observational, epidemiological and clinical data of different complexities, including those featuring spatio-temporal components or hierarchical structure. Methodologies associated with deriving infectious diseases prevalence from serological data in communities where similar infections coexist (eg dengue and chikungunya) are also among her research priorities.

She leads all the statistical aspects of a Latin America asthma NIHR grant from statistical design to analyses planning. The two main studies - one observational (Ecuador) and a cluster randomized clinical trial (Brazil) – investigate the effectiveness of a low cost intervention on the recurrence of the attacks in children/adolescents and adult populations, respectively. The resulting rich data would provide excellent opportunities to formalize a statistical framework for methodologies which address recurrent events in a variety of respiratory conditions.

She also investigates potential statistical associations between antimicrobial therapy and the risk of emerging resistance based on retrospectively collected data from intensive care units.

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Her research also addresses methodologies dealing with diagnosis in sudden death population along clinical cardiovascular experts and scientists.

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