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Panopto is a flexible, easy-to-use lecture capture solution that is installed in all St George’s lecture theatres and teaching rooms.

Panopto allows every lecture to be recorded as it is being delivered, with the audio synced to the PowerPoint or projection shown on screen. The recording is accessed via Canvas so that it can be replayed by students for the purposes of reinforcing learning or revision at their convenience.

After a lecture has been delivered, quizzes and other activities can be inserted by the lecturer to enable further student learning that goes beyond the lecture content. It is possible for students to make their own notes and annotations within a recording, which can be useful when revisiting the lecture material for revision purposes. 

Some lecturers use Panopto to record content for students to watch before a classroom session, using a ‘flipped classroom’ pedagogic approach, so the content can be discussed and reinforced during the face-to-face session. 

Panopto can also be used to deliver live webcasts of teaching or conference sessions over the web to audiences that cannot be physically present at St George’s.  

Read our lecture capture policy, or contact Learning Technology Services for further information.


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